About Juémon

Our Concept


Menya Juémon is a rookie, set to enter the highly competitive ramen scene in Vancouver in 2023.

Our standout feature is the exquisitely crafted broth that combines the four main elements of chicken, pork, fish, and mushrooms.

This broth is slowly simmered to perfection, bringing out the ultimate umami flavors. To further enhance the depth of the broth, we carefully select traditional soy sauces from various regions in Japan, tailoring them to complement each ramen menu.

Once you’ve tasted our rich and flavorful four element umami broth, we’re confident you’ll be craving it again and again. Indulge in the complex taste that will leave a lasting impression.

Welcome to Menya Juémon.

Understanding Umami

Umami isn’t just a taste; it’s the soul of our ramen that makes every bowl irresistibly delicious. Often described as a savory essence, umami adds unparalleled depth and richness to our dishes.

While our taste buds recognize sweet, salty, sour, and bitter, it’s the umami that stands out, turning a comforting bowl of ramen into an unforgettable culinary journey.

This magic is born from carefully selected ingredients: sun-ripened tomatoes, aromatic mushrooms, and specially curated meats. By integrating these with our unique blend of seasonings, we elevate the umami experience in every sip.

Umami Intensified

But umami has another trick up its sleeve. When we expertly mix various umami-packed ingredients, the result is a flavor explosion, magnifying each element’s individual taste.

This is the “synergistic effect of umami,” like an orchestra where each instrument, while beautiful on its own, creates a harmonious melody when combined.

Our ramen broth embodies this principle. Through the meticulous fusion of umami from chicken, pork, fish, and mushrooms, we present a broth teeming with layered flavors. Each mouthful offers a richer, deeper sensation, a testament to the crafted balance of umami.

The history of Shoyu Ramen

In the early 20th century, Tokyo introduced a unique noodle dish known as “shoyu ramen”. This soy sauce-based noodle dish rapidly gained fame, leading to various regional adaptations throughout Japan over decades.

Today, it stands as a symbol of Japanese culinary excellence, and its influence can be seen in ramen shops all over the world.

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